Volunteering for South Kitsap Fire and
Rescue isn’t just limited to firefighting, there are a number of exciting and
very rewarding opportunities. Our Administrative Volunteer Program has positions
available for those people who would like to volunteer for the District but
don’t want the rigorous and physical demands of firefighting. See below to find
out more information on our volunteer options. If you have additional questions,
please call 871-2411, ext.217.  Email is: skfrva@gmail.com

Tender Operator

South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Tender Operator program is ideal for men and
women who would like to volunteer for the fire department but don’t want to go
through the extensive training that is required for firefighting. Since South
Kitsap Fire and Rescue covers a large rural area, we often respond to structure
fires is areas that don’t have hydrants for a water source. Our Tender Operators
play a critical role by driving our water tenders to these fire scenes and
supplying fire suppression crews with water.

Air Support

South Kitsap Fire and Rescue’s Air Support program is ideal for men and women
who would like to volunteer for South Kitsap Fire and Rescue but don’t want to
go through the extensive training that is required for firefighting. The Air
Support unit is staffed exclusively by volunteer crews. This unit responds to
major incidents that require replenishment of bottled air supplies. The vehicle,
housed at Station 8, houses a large air compressor. Crews are toned on all
residential and commercial structure fires, and canceled by the incident
commander if not needed. This unit also doubles as a rehab unit, providing crews
with beverages and energy bars.

Volunteer Firefighters

Volunteer firefighters fill an essential role by supporting the District’s
career firefighters in all aspects of fire suppression and prevention.
Volunteering as a firefighter requires both physical and mental stamina. One
must be physically able to handle the vigorous training as well as the physical
tasks associated with the job. Firefighters must also endure a wide variety of
mental and emotional challenges. Unfortunately, when dealing with fires,
sickness, and accidents, volunteers must learn to cope with the injured patients
and even death.

Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter first begins
with a written application, available at our Headquarters located at 1974
Fircrest Drive SE. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but held to
coincide with the enrollment periods for our one academy held each year. Our
membership process begins with a programs orientation where we explain program
requirements, expectations, benefits, and the initial training process.  To
continue the membership process, candidates must successfully complete a general
academic written exam, followed by a physical ability exam. After passing this
phase, you will be issued your “bunker gear” and begin an 8-week academy of
initial training that will prepare you for the initial response to fire calls.
The academy is scheduled on nights and weekends so that it works around the
conventional work week. Monthly training follows as a means to both further
develop skills and maintain minimum requirements.


If you are a photographer and would like to get involved with South Kitsap
Fire and Rescue without having to go through the rigorous training that
firefighters go through, then this is an ideal opportunity for you. Our
photographers are utilized in a number of different ways. After receiving basic
training on emergency scene operations, a photographer can respond to an
emergency call and photograph our crews in action. If you aren’t interested in
responding to emergency calls then we can use your talents to photograph the
numerous events our District participates in, such as community fairs, station
tours, District functions, etc. Your photographs are used in our yearly Annual
Report, PowerPoint presentations, our Web Page, and various other

Chaplains Program

Time after time, tragedy after tragedy, South Kitsap Fire and Rescue
personnel repeatedly found themselves having neither the time nor the training
to support the emotionally overwrought loved ones of a patient or victim. In
response to this problem, South Kitsap Fire and Rescue began recruiting local
clergy and developed a very successful Chaplains Program. When a tragedy
occurred, ministers from a wide cross section of faiths respond to comfort the
grieving family. Clergy members are taught the basics of radio procedure and how
to operate safety on emergency scenes. Our Chaplains function not only as grief
counselors for distressed citizens, but as facilitators at fire scenes where
families are left homeless. They also are available for South Kitsap Fire and
Rescue members when tragedies witnessed necessitate a sympathetic shoulder or an
attentive ear.

Ham Radio Operators

Using even the simplest of radio setups and antennas, amateurs communicate
with each other for fun, during emergencies, and even in contests. They handle
messages for police and other public service organizations during all kinds of
emergencies including:

  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Motorist accidents
  • Fires and chemical spills
  • Search and rescues


Below is the updated requirements for active volunteer status.  It is of the up most importance that you report all your call responses. See below.

·       Volunteer Firefighters – Firefighters and Support Volunteers eligible for Volunteer Firefighters and Reserve Officers Relief and Pension Act shall maintain a minimum level of drill attendance and call response. Drill attendance is defined as active participation in the weekly volunteer drills. Participation in alternate drills may be substituted to meet drill attendance requirements if approved through the chain of command. Call response is defined as responding to calls as toned during the volunteers V-shift and between the hours of 1600 to 0600. A call response will include calls that are cancelled. Drill attendance and callresponse will be tabulated on a quarterly basis. Attendance and response for members with excused absences may be prorated for the duration of the absence. Individuals failing to meet minimum levels are subject to the enforcement section of this policy.

Drill attendance requirements are:

  • Minimum 75% drill attendance for volunteer officers.
  • Minimum 70% drill attendance for volunteer firefighters.
  • Minimum 50% drill attendance for career firefighters from other departments who volunteer.

Call response requirements are:

        Six (6) responses per year.